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Stratford Hall Residence

Welcome to the epitome of modern luxury & functionality - our latest kitchen masterpiece in Atlanta! As an esteemed designer in this vibrant city, We're thrilled to unveil this stunning transformation that seamlessly blends style with practicality.

The first step in our renovation journey was to remove a wall, opening up the kitchen space to create a bright & airy open floor plan. This not only enhances the flow of the home but also invites in an abundance of natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere for gatherings & culinary adventures alike.

Central to our design concept is the addition of a striking new kitchen island, meticulously crafted to become the focal point of the room. To ensure cohesion with the existing aesthetic, we matched the island's countertop with the same luxurious Quartz found throughout the kitchen, creating a seamless transition between old and new.

Attention to detail is paramount in every aspect of our design, which is why we meticulously selected black hardware to match the existing fixtures, tying the entire space together with a sophisticated and cohesive look.

No kitchen renovation is complete without the perfect lighting solution. To complement the kitchen's flush mount, we added two new island pendants, creating a harmonious lighting scheme that not only illuminates the workspace but also adds a touch of elegance and charm.

To inject personality & depth into the space, we opted for wrought iron gray bottom cabinets, creating a captivating contrast with the top cabinets and infusing the kitchen with a modern yet timeless appeal. This bold choice adds a pop of color and visual interest, elevating the overall design aesthetic.

But we didn't stop there - to add a playful & unique touch, we incorporated a mosaic tile flooring design that serves as both a functional element & a visual focal point. This fun addition not only delineates the different areas of the kitchen but also adds a touch of whimsy & personality to the space.

In conclusion, our Atlanta kitchen renovation is a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly blend style, functionality, & personality. Whether you're whipping up culinary delights or entertaining guests, this kitchen is sure to inspire & delight for years to come.