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Caladium Way Residence

Caladium Residence: A Symphony of Design

Step into the enchanting world of Delano Designs, where we've masterfully transformed an Atlanta home, breathing new life into its spaces. This journey unfolds in the artistry of an office, mudroom, laundry room, & bathroom, each corner a testament to sophistication & functionality.

Office Oasis: In the office, vibrant energy meets creativity. Bright green cabinets dance in harmony with a captivating green dragon wallpaper. Calcutta gold countertops, like a crown, add durable sophistication, complemented by the embrace of buttery brass hardware. A haven for productivity & inspiration!

Lavish Laundry Retreat: Black & white checkered marble floors grace the laundry room, a flurry of contrasts & timeless beauty. Lavender-painted cabinetry color matched to the Japanese pine tree wallpaper, invites tranquility. Brushed brass & Calcutta gold quartz counters contrast perfectly against a cool lavender forest wallpaper. This Laundry transformed into a luxurious escape!

Grand Entryway: The entryway unfolds like a story, with elegant robins egg blue trim & built-in cabinetry adorned with brass pulls. Light fixtures & Calcutta gold quartz countertops grace this space, while natural weave & leaf silhouettes invite nature & vibrance from outside. An entrance that whispers luxury & vitality!

Powder Room Paradise: The powder room is a canvas of nature's beauty. A green & navy scene of birds amidst deep blue/green foliage transports you to a tranquil forest realm. Gold & brass mirrors & plumbing hardware provide the contrast, invoking stately elegance. A fluted style cabinet, finished in a striking red paint, adds a touch of regal charm. Nature-inspired opulence at its finest!

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our design narrative, where every room tells a story of timeless elegance, functionality, & the beauty of nature. Delano Designs, redefining luxury living in Atlanta!