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Cardova Residence

Step into the Timeless Charm of Mid-Century Modern

Embrace the beauty of a stunning exterior renovation that blends the classic allure of mid-century modern design with a touch of contemporary elegance. Inspired by the rich hues of nature, we've adorned this home with Sherwin Williams' captivating Iron Ore and Tricorn Black paints, creating a striking contrast that commands attention.

Discover a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living with the addition of sleek accordion-style folding metal doors, opening up to a sun-kissed pool deck that invites relaxation and rejuvenation.

Two meticulously rebuilt and refinished pergolas, adorned with custom Caribbean-style cedar shutters, effortlessly blend with the surrounding landscape, creating a harmonious oasis where tranquility meets sophistication.

Lush landscaping envelops the property, offering a vibrant backdrop for your daily escape.

Illuminate your automobile with modern LED lighting, carefully curated to enhance the architectural beauty of this mid-century gem, while ensuring an energy-efficient environment that complements your lifestyle.

Step inside, where a fresh coat of interior paint adds a contemporary twist to the classic mid-century aesthetic, infusing every room with a sense of modern elegance.

The wood door and custom Caribbean-style cedar shutters have been stained to match the natural stain of the cedar pergolas and fence, further enhancing the cohesive design that ties the elements together flawlessly.

Adding both form and function, a stylish 8'x10' storage shed, clad with metal roofing, has been constructed to seamlessly blend with the home's architectural style, painted in the same captivating Iron Ore Sherwin Williams color scheme.

Experience the epitome of mid-century modern living with this breathtaking exterior transformation. From the carefully selected colors to the thoughtful details, this home invites you to embrace its timeless allure and create unforgettable memories.